Let's Get Started With Azure Static Web Apps

📺 015 - John Papa 🎙️ Frank Boucher

John Papa is joining Frank to talk about Azure Static Web Apps documentation, one of the newest service/product included in Azure. He will explain what it is, what the difference between a “static” and a “regular” website. In short, John will make sure all of us are ready to start playing with Azure Static Web Apps.

Once we are all at the same level John will publish a Svelte JavaScript app and API with Azure Static Web Apps. Then explain how things work to automatically deploy and update a static web application and its API from a GitHub repository.

Finally, we will talk about all the security, and provide tons of information, references to help you get started.

🔗 Azure Static Web Apps documentation

🔗 GitHub

🔗 Learn Module: Publish an Angular, React, Svelte, or Vue JavaScript app and API with Azure Static Web Apps

🔗 ShopAtHome Demo

🔗 Azure / static-web-apps

🔗 Post by Burke Holland

🔗 johnpapa / hello-worlds

🔗 VS Code Extension

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