Building a Notifications client with Xamarin and Azure - Part 2

📺 013 - Laurent Bugnion 🎙️ Frank Boucher

Extending the infrastructure to Windows and adding the Notification Hub

In this episode, Laurent is joining Frank to continue working on the cross-platform Notifications client project that uses Xamarin and Azure.

This time they will configure the Windows Push Notification Services, the same role as the Google FireBase, configured in the previous episode, but on the Windows side. This will act as our backend service to send a notification to Windows devices… like Surfaces, PCs, and … Windows phones ;)

Then Laurent will show us how to create the Azure Notification Hubs. This piece being useful as everything sent to the hub will be dispatch to the other systems.

And finally, they will test this new scenario.

🔗 Windows Push Notification Services

🔗 Notification Hubs Windows Store .NET Get Started Push Notifications

🔗 Azure Notification Hubs

🔗 Create Notification Hub Portal

🔗 Notification Hubs

🔗 Notification Hubs Pricing

🔗 Badges

🔗 Adaptive Interactive Toasts

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