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Power Automate is just one part of the much larger Microsoft Power Platform (including things like Power BI, Power Apps and Virtual Agents). Power Automate is used to ‘automate’ processes and during the stream Amy showed how to create 3 different scenarios and introduced everyone to different elements of the service.

First she showed how simple it was to use the templates already provided in Power Automate to create a process that would save any email attachments from her personal email to her OneDrive for business. With minimal changes this template was ready to use and showed an example of sending herself any expense receipts.

Amy spends a lot of her time in the AI space and was keen to show the stream what capabilities AI Builder has when integrated with Power Automate. By using built in Sentiment Analysis offerings she was able to efficiently analyse her speaker feedback excel forms and provide a breakdown of overall sentiment as well as each sentences sentiment. This approach could be used to process any text using the built in Natural Language Processing features of AI Builder.

Finally Amy finished the stream by analysing invoices using Forms Recogniser capability in AI Builder. She first trained a forms model on her own invoices (only 5 needed!) and then went on to build this model into a PowerApp and a Flow

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